7 Surprising Things That Make You Live Longer

You have a lot to live in. Whether your life goals are personal, professional or spiritual, you naturally want to reach them as long as possible. Of course, the “ultimate control” is an illusion, something no human being can achieve. However, there are many things you can do to increase your chances of a long life and a more comfortable aging process.

First, there is some evidence: do not smoke, eat more fruits and vegetables, but the less saturated fat, and get enough exercise. But you might not know the following eight surprising things that can increase longevity. It turns out that the secret of a long life is not limited to your physical body. You will want to stay with us; you will be happy to have a great reason to do some of these things.

1. Challenge your mind


It’s not only your heart, but your brain needs exercise. You will challenge to learn new things to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, not to mention that you become a more interesting person. Keeping the brain stimulated improves cognitive function as you get older; you will also help you feel younger.

The most challenging activities include crossword puzzles, puzzles, sudoku, and quizzes. Reading is also fantastic, and you can improve the benefits by taking the time to think critically about what you read. As you get better, it becomes more and more challenging to learn new things. That’s why it’s especially important not to get out of this habit.

2. Build strong friendships


Feeling alone and isolated can expose you to a higher risk of heart disease. It is thought that this negative emotion is at the root of inflammation, causing many disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular difficulty.

Older people appear to be particularly vulnerable to health complications due to loneliness, but not everyone needs to isolate themselves too much. You can go there with the impression “it’s good, I have what I want” but have nowhere to go when things go wrong. It’s stressful physically and mentally.

3. Practice impeccable oral hygiene


Good health can start in your mouth. The health of your teeth means your overall well-being. Studies show that there is a link between poor oral health and the risk of death, although the association is complex and poorly understood. Gum disease is also linked to conditions such as oral cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Brush and floss daily and make the dentist’s visit a priority about twice a year for a checkup. Do not let the painful problems fester or you will enter the territory where other diseases could help you and eventually shorten your life.

4. Don’t Eat Until Full


The Japanese practice a food technique called Hara Hachi bun me that advises you to eat until you are 80% satisfied, a practice that has earned them one of the longest life expectancies in the world. It may be that limiting calories reduces the production of a thyroid hormone called T3, which slows down the metabolism and speeds up aging.

Scientists have known since the 1930s that caloric restriction prolongs the life of laboratory animals. And of course, humans are healthier when they have a slimmer profile. Rather than worrying too much about what you eat, try not to eat before eating enough to keep your calorie intake in the right place.

5. Watch Less TV

The odds are watching a lot of television and the results are not right. In 2010, a study determined that people who attend at least four hours of video a day are 46% more likely to die for any reason than those who grow vegetables for two hours or less. Each hour of care represents a global risk of premature death of 11%.

We do not know precisely how television has this effect precisely, but it is probably related to the fact that it is a sedentary activity. It is also an activity that tends to have a lot of mindless snacks. So, you can probably forget that television time that you watched on the treadmill at the gym.

6. Keep Drinking Coffee


If you made up part of those men and women who do not have the opportunity to walk without their coffee, you would be happy to know that you are not forced to abandon it in your search for longer life. in contrast, coffee can lower your fear of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and dementia.

Better yet, for those who appreciate the possibility of multiple tasks, coffee can increase your metabolism and increase the oxidation of healthy fatty acids, resulting in weight loss. It’s a portion of diet food! No longer sweat your Starbucks run – unless you get that type of sugar that contains more sugar and cream than real coffee.

7. Think Positive


Even if the situation seems bleak, a positive attitude can prolong your life expectancy. Harvard University studied the effect of optimism on quality of life and found that the happiest people had a 16% lower risk of death from cancer, a risk of death from reduced heart or respiratory disease 38% and a risk of death reduced by 39%. By stroke. It seems incredible that just thinking that everything is fine is going well.

Optimistic people may believe in the positive effects of their choices and are therefore more likely to participate in healthy eating and regular exercise; they may also have a more positive sense of their relationships, which we know as protective in general. More directly, optimists tend to have less stress and, therefore, less inflammation than pessimists.

As you can see, most of these amazingly long activities are enjoyable. Along with a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, humans develop relationships with others. We do better when we do not sweat the little things. Simple pleasures like sex and coffee can be the best moments of our day. Okay, no one has ever said that going to the dentist would be fun, but it’s worth it for the extra few years you can get. Better to make more goals to occupy your time!

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