7 Foods That Are Killing You Slowly


Many circumstances affect how fast you get older and how aging happens on your skin. Genetics may be the best, but there are many things you can command concerning aging. Smoking, exposure to the sun, and especially food make a huge difference.

We all want to look good; just when you feel good, it’s also on your face. Premature aging can not just cause discomfort, but it can also give your body open to chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Even though we never want to look old, most of us want the chance to grow old.

Taking charge of your diet now can help you stay young indoors and outdoors! It’s probably not surprising that healthy eating includes many fruits and vegetables, combined with reasonable portions of lean meat. To help you understand what is essential to avoid, we have collected seven foods that will lead you in the wrong direction. Cut them from your diet to tilt a healthy body, now and in the future.

1. Margarine


Butter gained a bad reputation a few years ago because of its saturated fat content. Margarine was supposed to be the solution that would allow us to savour the flavor of butter without the fat. Unfortunately, margarine is a little worse for your body.

Margarine is full of trans fats that increase the risk of chronic disease. Also hinders the level of hydration of your body. Chronic dehydration is one of the main drivers of wrinkles, which is undoubtedly an undesirable consequence. Margarine also contains a high level of omega-6 fatty acids. Although your body needs it, it’s easy to get too much, and it tends to cause inflammation.

2. Convenience Foods


We understand: life is busy. Cooking fresh meals every day may seem like an impossible challenge. Many microwavable, packaged dishes that make meals easier hide an unhealthy secret: salt, for the most part.

Many of us have too much salt in our diet. It is easy to do when we rely on prepared meals or fast food dishes. Sodium can cause water retention and make you look and feel swollen and swollen. If cooking healthily does not fit your schedule, explore a robust meal delivery service instead.

3. Energy Drinks


If you need energy drinks throughout the day, go to bed early every night! Improving your sleep hygiene can help you feel better and look younger, but energy drinks have the opposite effect. They are rich in sugar, caffeine, sodium and acid. This deadly combo will damage and stain your teeth and contribute to dehydration.

Right now, you’re probably shaking your head, thinking that you can not sleep longer with the responsibilities you have. But consider the fact that a chronic lack of sleep makes you much less capable and competent in your daily tasks. It can be challenging to draw the line and say, “I’m ready for the day; I have to rest. But when you do, you’ll find that everything you need to do the next day is much faster.

4. Sugary Treats


Sugar is probably the number one enemy in terms of premature aging. It is packed in all kinds of foods at naturally unacceptable levels. We eat it all day, even when the diet itself is not a dessert. This is a massive problem because sugar is the primary driver of obesity and inflammation, not to mention tooth decay.

Overeating sugar creates a perfect environment in your body for chronic diseases. Not only does it contribute to the development of diabetes, but sugar is the preferred fuel for cancer cells. We encourage you to read the labels carefully for everything you plan to buy in the store. And unfortunately, it is crucial to remove threats such as pastries, sweets and sodas if you want to keep your youthful appearance.

5. High Glycemic Index Carbs


Bread and pasta made from refined white flour have a high glycemic index, which means they quickly increase your blood sugar. This prepares you for a summit and a fall, a cycle that can appear on your face. It has been proven that refined carbohydrates accelerate skin ageing and cause blemishes such as acne and rosacea.

eat in fact full wheat references. They fill you more efficiently than refined things. They can also lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Another option is to be creative in eating pasta made from beans and bread made from ground flaxseed.

6. Alcohol


Do not panic! We are not saying that you must give up alcohol. Excessive consumption is the problem of premature aging. Sandblasting tends to cause free radical damage throughout your body, especially if these drinks are high in sugar. Alcohol also removes the body of vitamin A, essential to the process of cell renewal and renewal.

So definitely, have a drink or two with your friends. But avoid those that contain a lot of sugar (think of mixers like juice or sodas) in favour of wine, champagne or drinks mixed with sparkling water and lime. It is also wise to alternate each alcoholic beverage with water to maintain your level of hydration.

7. Preserved Meats


The latest research on canned meat indicates that nitrates and nitrites used for preservation expose your body to a risk of cancer. Is because they create free radicals that damage cells and even your DNA through oxidation. Damage caused by sufficient free radicals creates an environment conducive to disease or other chronic illness, in addition to ageing of your skin.

So skip the bacon, hot dogs and sausages for vegetarian versions or lean organic meat on transformed shapes. Yeah, this one’s going to hurt. But in the end, the cleanest and least processed foods will always be those that will support your appearance and your youthful attitude.


Slowing down the ageing process is something that we all want to do. Marketers and cosmetics companies know this full well, and that’s why the market is flooded with products advertised to sweep decades of wear and tear off of your body. Unfortunately, it is not as easy and directly buying a product and slathering it on your skin. But – it is doable with the right diet.

Avoid the seven foods on this list to ensure the kind of health that comes from the inside out. Trust us, and it will show through!